Triggering interactions πŸ”„

Let users trigger an interaction with your App by pressing a button in the Booking Experts UI.

Example use case: - Add a button called "Open door" to every Reservation detail page that can be triggered by receptionists.

Command Responses

A submitted Command will cause a payload of data to be sent from Booking Experts to your App. The App can respond in different ways using the context provided by that payload.

Redirect URL

The user is redirected to this URL. It's the responsibility of the App to provide a way back to Booking Experts.

{ "redirect_url": "<"> }

I-frame URL

The url is loaded in an iFrame inside Booking Experts. We will add a header with the app logo and the name of the command that is executed.

{ "iframe_url": "<"> }

Note: As a security measure, most browsers will require iframe sources to be on the same domain as the parent domain. If you are planning to use iFrames, please let us know so we can support your domain (for example by adding appropriate CORS headers).

Notice message

The message is shown to the user in a flash message inside Booking Experts.

{ "notice": "Great success!" }

Alert message

The alert is shown to the user in a flash message inside Booking Experts.

{ "alert": "Something went wrong!" }

Context Model

Choose a context model to make commands available for a specific model. For example, when you choose reservation, the command will be available for reservations. Mostly on the #show page (in CRUD terms) but not exclusively.

Activation options

Often, you'd like your command to be available when the context model meets certain conditions. You can choose which conditions should apply here. Please let us know when you're missing any options!