Please read this article to understand the App creation process from A to Z :books:

Getting started

As mentioned before in the Introduction, our App Store is open to commercial and custom applications.


Private VS Public Applications


A private application is usually meant for a single Booking Experts user. These applications are made ad hoc and don't go through the same process as public applications.
Even though we don't validate the quality of the integration, we still require the basic information as well as a notification when the application is completed.


A public application is usually meant to be accessible to our entire user base. This application will be visible in our app store as well as our website.
This application is discussed up front with a member of our team where a timeline will be established and a validation is required in order to make this app public online.

Demo account

All the details on how to get a Demo account are available in the Get a BEX Demo Account article.

Progress tracking

Once we have an initial intake form completed, we would like to check base every once in a while and check-in on your progress. It's important for us to know that you are getting all the help you need to insure your success.

After 3 months of inactivity on your application we will reach out and make sure that you are still actively in project - otherwise your application will be put on hold until your project resumes


Important : This step is only required for application that will be publicly available

  1. You have completed the application you can click on Start Validation :

Once this process is enabled we will send you a form to fill with all the relevant information of your application. The moment we receive your filled in form we will invite you for a call.

Validation call

During this validation call we will request to see the following :

  • a small presentation of your solution
  • a quick explanation of your onboarding flow
  • an end to end flow demonstration of the information shared

Once we have seen the extent of the integration we will mark your application as validated and it will published.


Publication on our app store is automatic when we validate your application.


Marketing together

For every validated application we make sure that we are also visible on your website.

We also plan a common announcement of our new partnership on social media.

Partnership Agreement

If you are looking for a Partnership Agreement please reach out to us.