Getting a BEX Demo Account

This demo account is a mock environment needed in order to access to app store

Currently Booking Experts Apps is still on invite only basis. To get access to Booking Experts Apps, please use the form below.


You can only create an application if you have an account

If you are building an application that will be available to all our users please use this form

Become Booking Experts App Developer

If you are building a custom application for an existing user you can :

  • Create an application from their account
  • Create your own account by using the form above

We will have a chat about your needs and give you access to a Demo administration so you can start working on your project. We will also ask you a few questions to understand your purpose, your process and your timeframe.

After you have access to your demo you can create Apps through the App Store. Follow the icon in your demo administration :

Create your app

Click on New to create your app :

Booking Experts will take you through the steps to fill in :


Fill in as much information as possible

In order to make navigation and discovery a better experience for your and our customers, please make sure you fill in ALL the relevant information about your application.

Even if you are creating a custom application for yourself or a client, it will help us at Booking Experts understand what need your application is filling.
As we try to keep an efficient and clean app store, please help us make sure that your application is up to date and explanatory.

Finally click on Save app: