Message Template

Communicating with guests πŸ“

Define standard templates for communication with a guest.

Booking Experts takes care of delivering the message to the guest. Messages can be delivered by e-mail or SMS. Configured templates can be modified by administrators of an administration to suit their way of communication.

Booking Experts variables

Within a template, you can use variables that are provided by Booking Experts, which are interpolated when the message is sent.
See the Templates section of our support documentation for details.
See the Tags and Auto emails and templates of our support documentation for details.

{{ reservation.greeting }},

Welcome to {{ }}!

The access code for accommodation {{ }} is: {{ access_code }}.

See you!

Custom variables

Aside from Booking Experts variables, you can supply your own variables. Upon sending a message the App must provide the values for these custom variables. In the example on the right {{ access_code }} would be a custom variable passed by the App.

Sending a message using a message template

See POST messages