It's all about the App Store πŸ‘Ύ

We will guide you towards the creation of your app in our App Store. πŸ’‘

This App store is really like the other app stores you know. Booking Experts (without Apps) solves 80% of the common use cases in property rental out of the box. We provide and invest in a good and stable foundation while others can extend Booking Experts to fit their needs.


There are many use cases for which an app is a good fit πŸ‘

Channel Management
Tour operators
Access control
Payment providers

As some some use cases are quite specific, see Guides for examples.

App characteristics

  • Let Booking Experts call your system by using Webhooks.
  • Extend the Booking Experts UI by adding Commands which can be invoked by normal Booking Experts users.
  • Send e-mail and SMS messages to guests through Booking Experts by using Message Templates.

Begin with a basic App

Select all the permissions you need and install your App on a single administration. Grab the API key to start making API calls. Sign up for a demo if you don't have access to a Booking Experts administration.

More information on API keys

Level up with an OAuth2 flow

Drop the API key and implement the OAuth2 flow and submit your App for validation. Now other Booking Experts users can see and install your App on their administration.

More information on the OAuth2 flow